19 Eco-Friendly Switches To Ensure A Lighter Environmental Footprint

By 2050, the world population is expected to be close to 10 billion. With so many people, planet earth has finite natural resources that are slowly becoming more and more limited. We consume each and every day without really considering where all our waste goes. Once our rubbish is collected it ends up on landfills, spoiling our environment and emitting toxic chemicals into our air and soil. Small conscious changes to the way we consume will have a positive impact on the planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. We have listed 19 easy and eco-friendly switches to help the environment. 


1. Throwing out kitchen waste for starting your own composting system 

2. Bottled water for tap water

3. Bathing for showering

4. Buying more for decluttering & finding forgotten stuff  

5. Buying herbs for growing your own

6. Buying single food staples for bulk with less packaging 

7.  Imported out-of-season fresh produce for local in-season fruit and vegetables

8. Brand new for second hand 

9. Printing on paper for digital bookmarking  

10. Cheap, poor quality products for long-lasting, environmental friendly products 

11. All in one rubbish bin for 4 different recycle bins (Organic, plastic, paper, glass)

12. Heater for an extra blanket 

13. Straws for no straws

14. Takeaway coffee for home-brewed cup 

15. Plastic shopping bags for a reusable Canvas bag

16. Discarding plastic & glass containers for repurposing within your home 

17.  Buying new batteries for recharging flat batteries 

18.  Driving around waiting for a closer parking for parking further away for a brisk walk

19.  Tumble drying clothes for hanging them up to dry instead