20 Home Decorating Tips

Whether your planning to decorate your new home from scratch or simply redecorating a current home or room then these tips will help you create a successful action strategy that will ensure every room in your home is well thought out and beautiful. See our 20 decorating tips below. 

1. Consider the context of your home

Get to know the history of your building, area or city so you can create a design that fits in but also stands out. 

street view apartment

2. Make sure the space flows

The layout of your interior needs to be both practical and appealing. The key to a successful interior is to ensure that the user experience is made a priority. 

interior black

3. Build relationships with good tradespeople and suppliers.

It is difficult to find really great tradespeople so when you find them don't let them go! Having a good relationship with suppliers and tradesman will ensure that your project goes smoothly and runs on time. 

4. Utilise hidden storage pieces 

In this day and age of 24/7 online shopping, every single square metre of space is crucial and needs to be optimised. Hidden storage is perfect for creating a look that is clean and modern whilst storing all your essentials. 

5. Have good sources of light from different levels

Light is important for setting the tone of a room and brings in warmth and a sense of welcoming. Get creative with your lighting by incorporating sources at various levels whether its a tall floor lamp, small side lamp or bold chandelier feature. 

interior with light

6. Mix and match pieces from different periods or styles 

Pieces that have meaning or value shouldn't be kept in storage because they're old and ancient. Mix and match the new and the old and build charachter within a room. 

interior with acrylic chair

7. Include art in each room

Add interest to your walls with a great piece of artwork.  

interior with artwork

8. Consider scale

It may seem obvious but large rooms should have large furniture pieces while small rooms should scale down to smaller pieces that don't overpower the space and make it feel even smaller. Optimise your furniture for the size of your space. 

living room white with sofa

9. Create contrast 

Don't shy away from creating an interior that has contrast like the room below which matches bold stripes and a flower pattern wallpaper. Talk about bold! 

blue interior with stripes and flowers

10. Set the mood 

First impressions matter which is why its important to determine the feeling or the vibe you would like to create in a space. For example, the bedroom is a place you want to feel relaxed and comfortable so plan the aesthetics accordingly. 

deep blue bedroom

11. Define your style

Your home should be a reflection of you which is why it is better to avoid sticking to a particular theme and rather choose colours, styles, textures, decor that represents you.  

living room with pink couch

12. Tell a story

Show off collections, incorporate antique pieces and don't worry about everything matching. Interiors should have character but do ensure there are links between spaces such as a uniform colour palette. 

bedroom with faux fur thro

13. Get out there - do your research - be inspired 

Need we say more? With technology these days you don't even need to leave the house to feel inspired. 

14. Less is more 

You don't need to fill every corner of a room to make a stylish statement. Choosing quality statement pieces over expensive trinket decor will do the trick. 

minimal study

15. Be strategic 

Analyse your space carefully - accentuate the best areas and cleverly hide and distract the eye from its flaws (if any). 

16. Add an element of interest

Don't let an interior become bland by incorporating something unexpected like adding a pop of bright colour.  

pink chair interior

17. Keep in mind your space will evolve as trends change

 Try choose styles or themes that will remain classic for years to come. Items that are very trendy have the potential to lose there appeal once the fad has passed. Also your home is a constant work in progress that you will be continually adding to and replacing from. 

pink living space

18. Incorporate various textiles

Be creative. No room is complete without interesting textures. Textures make a room dynamic and introduce visual interest and movement.

bedroom with different textiles

19. Choose quality over quantity

Beautiful furniture and decor pieces that are of high quality will be an investment for future years. True quality will last longer and hold its value.  

20. Follow the rule of three when organising decorative pieces 

vase, candle on table white interior