6 Steps To A Clutter-Free Closet

Our closets can often become battlefields where we fight endless amounts of clothes, try to ward off overflowing shoe boxes and attempt to liberate cluttered accessories. We have come up with a foolproof guide to ending your wardrobe war zone, once and for all.  

closet with black and white

1. The 80/20 Rule 

The 80/20 rule implies that your wear 20% of your closet, 80% of the time. Use this rule to determine what clothes you wear the most often and which ones you could essentially go without. An easy way to discover what you wear most often is to turn all of your hangers backwards and as you wear each item, place it back the right way. After a month you will know what your 20% is. Your 80% is a good place to start when it comes down to decluttering your closet. 

2. Ask yourself the 4 STOP questions

Now that you know what clothing to sort through, go through your entire closet and apply each of these principles: 

closet with hanging clothes
  1. Sort - Sort through each item in your closet and decide whether it can be stored, sold or given away 
  2. Toss away - If you have decided to toss a few things away then decide what you are going to do with all your discarded items. If they are still in good condition and you have the time to sell them then this could be an option. Alternatively you find a charity to donate your old clothes to.  
  3. Organise - Having a good organisational strategy for the remaining clothes you've decided to keep is essential. 
  4. Put away - Make sure every item has a place where it belongs. 

3. Group items together by colour and category 

Categorise your wardrobe by keeping dresses, shirts and pants together. Once you have designated your closet into categories then sort by colour from lightest to darkest. This will look neat and make it each item easily accessible. 

4. Vacuum bag seasonal wear 

Vacuum bags are a great way to store your winter/summer clothing you aren't wearing and creates a significant amount of storage space for the seasonal clothing you are wearing. 

5. Use slim hangers to increase space 

Having the right hangers from which to hang your clothes will make a significant difference to your closet rack. Our hangers have been specifically designed to be slim and sturdy so that your clothes maintain their shape whilst also being stored effectively. Click on the link or image to shop our Shipshape hanger range. 


6. Declutter often 

There is no short cut to decluttering as we are constantly buying and adding more to our closets as seasons and trends change. Instead of doing a huge purge every year, try keep a small donation bin in your closet where you can easily discard items as you go through your closet.