7 Wardrobes That Will Give You Closet Envy

In the iconic words of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, ' I like my money where I can see it... Hanging in my closet.' We've scoured the internet to find seven of the most beautiful closets. Enjoy. 

1. A closet with a view 

We can't decide if we're more envious of the closet or the view. 

Closet with a view
Closet with clear drawers and view

2. Functional yet simple

Clean lines, warm lighting and monochrome colours make this closet sleek and sophisticated. 

modern closet

3. Showoff your closet

If you prefer putting your prized possessions on show then this is the closet for you. 

open closet black and white

4. Behind closed doors 

This dreamy closet has tons of cupboard space and plenty of drawers to keep all accessories and clothes organised.  

White cupboard

5. Sophisticated 

Light woods and white modern cupboards give this closet a masculine and sophisticated feel. 

Modern wood closet

6. Plain and Simple 

If don't like to over complicate things then a simple garment rack with a shoe shelf is all you need. 

Garment rack with shoe rack

6. Clear and Cosy 

We are loving this closet because there is tons of shelf space, clear cupboards and accessible hanging space. 

Clear closet with hanging space

7. Perfectionism personified 

This closet is perfection. Ample shelf, shoe and hanging space. 

modern minimal closet