10 Of The Best Outdoor Areas

A majority of us spend our lives inside whether it be at work or at home. In support of spending more time outside, whether it be vacationing or entertaining friends, we have found 10 of our most favourite outdoor spots. 

1. Outside fire pit

Busk in the afternoon sun whilst a fire quietly burns. 

fire pit outside with benches

2. Ocean view chill spot  

Sip cocktails and overlook the vast beauty of the ocean. 

ocean view chill area

3. Comfortable entertaining area 

Get comfortable in cosy chairs amidst a fire pit and picturesque garden. 

entertaining area overlooking garden and sea

4. Luncheon feast amidst the trees

Enjoy a meal under olive trees with friends.  

Table setting underneath trees

5. Dinner for two under candle light 

A simple romantic meal for two underneath the stars and candle light. 

Table under candle light

6. Rustic log cabin 

Picnic around the roaring fire overlooking a relaxing lake. 

log cabin overlooking lake

7. Boho outdoor escape 

Relax and unwind with a few drinks and friends outside. 

Outdoor entertaining area

8. Wicker Igloo 

Take a nap in this comfortable nest. 

Wicker igloo

9. Al fresco dinning 

Eat an extravagant breakfast as the sun comes up in the morning. 

al fresco dining

10. Hanging out overlooking the ocean 

Get comfortable and enjoy the abundance of fresh, ocean air. 

Hanging chair with a view