10 Reasons Why We're Loving Acrylic

Clear acrylic is a thermo-plastic material that is both durable and rigid. It is known for its strength, clarity and versatility. It is great for storage and furniture as it is durable, modern and sleek. There are so many reasons to love acrylic but we have managed to narrow it down to ten! 

1. Acrylic is versatile

Acrylic works in almost all settings and can adapt to any theme. The acrylic table below gives a slight reprieve to the intensity of the black wall, dark leather chairs and rich Persian rug.   

Acrylic table with blue rug

2. It keeps your accessories modern

The beauty of acrylic is that it has clean, soft lines that look modern and fresh. These acrylic storage containers make any accessory look glamorous. Shop our acrylic storage collection by clicking on this link. 

3. Adds a unique texture to your home 

Acrylic has a unique, soft texture that absorbs and reflects light to create an interesting dynamic. The green of the apples and plants contrasts perfectly against the wooden table and acrylic dining chairs. 

wooden table with acrylic chairs

4. Lets your signature pieces show off 

The clear, transparent nature of acrylic means you get an uninterrupted view of whatever is below or in front of it. The acrylic chairs below don't take away from the blue and white striped carpet and the blues of the carpet compliment the hues in the artwork above. 

wooden table with acrylic furniture

5. Acrylic is durable

 Acrylic is dynamic in that it looks great and it is also practical. A coffee table is a good way to use acrylic as it is sturdy and rigid. It can hold anything from books to plants and still look great. 

acrylic coffee table

6. It makes for a great display unit

Acrylic lets your decor do the talking. The shelf below is filled with sentimental memories, books and decor that all stand out and are not overshadowed by the shelf unit. 

acrylic display unit

7. Blends in with all themes 

The soft tones of pink and white create a dreamy ambiance that is enhanced by the soft and clear texture of the acrylic chair and table. 

acrylic table and chair

8. It compliments other materials 

The transparency of the acrylic table top flatters the rich bronze of the table frame. 

acrylic side table

9. It makes for a unique drinks holder 

Add a sense of fun and interest with an acrylic bar table. Think cool cocktails and craft beers. 

acrylic bar table

10. It is great for storing and showing off your shoe collection

Don't let your shoes be left in the dark, rather show them off with acrylic. The absolute clarity of our boxes enables you to easily admire your entire collection of shoes.