5 Elements You Need To Create A Modern Rustic Room

The modern rustic theme is inspired by countryside settings that incorporate wooden tables, faded fixtures and horses roaming open, grassy plains. We wanted to incorporate colours that are reminiscent of these settings namely faded greens, rich browns and cool greys. We were also inspired by different textures that contrast from soft to rugged.  We give you a few tips on how to easily recreate this theme in your own home.  


Horses running in open field
Rustic table piece and hat
horse in flowers
table underneath fairy lights


White walls give you a blank canvas from which to decorate your space. Having white walls enables your furniture and decor to stand out and sets a calm tone for the room. White also goes with everything so you have free rein when it comes to adding interesting pieces and textures. 

White panel walls in countryside home


  • Add throws and blankets with interesting plaid patterns that incorporate rustic reds, mustard yellows, cool greys and blacks
  • Decorate with woolly, woven rugs and mats
  • Incorporate linen-look cushions and pillows for a natural feel 
lake picnic with blankets and candles
woven blankets with patterns and texture


Leather is perfect for incorporating old rustic charm. Its rich colour and soft texture makes a home look warm and welcoming.  Try adding a signature leather couch or accent a wooden dining table with leather dining chairs to your space. 

Leather sofa with grey rug


Having wood elements in your home brings a form of nature into your home. Wood fixtures and pieces provide texture and warmth and complement most colours and settings. 

Wooden panel frame inside home
white living space with wooden sofa
wooden table with seaside picture


There are a host of beautiful ceramic items that come in all shapes and sizes depending on your taste. Stick to neutral colours like cream, white and pastels. Adding crystal glasses is a simple way to add a different texture and feel. Gold or silver plated utensils add some glamour to any rustic table setting or kitchen. 

ceramic plates and utensils
Wooden table with wood decor