4 Pastel Colours That We Love

Decorating with pastel colours creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere that need not only be associated with kids and babies rooms. Light sherbet tones can be tasteful when balanced correctly with neutrals. We've chosen four of our favourite colours from the pastel palette and also found beautifully decorated rooms to go with. Our best four includes playful purple, beach blue, pretty pink and soft orange. 


Pink & orange ice cream
Blue milk bottles
Pastel buildings
Pink flamingos

1. Playful Purple

Lavender tones can add a whimsical note to a space, like the purple bathroom cabinets below. They are surprisingly elegant and modern against the white of the walls and gold of the mirror and drawer handles. 

Purple bathroom

2. Beach Blue

Blue hues have a cool and calming affect on a room. Incorporate the colour as part of an accent wall, signature piece or be bold and paint all your kitchen cabinets with sherbet blue!

Blue bedroom
blue bathtub
blue kitchen

3. Soft Orange

Using orange pastels to decorate a space is a great way to incorporate light and warmth. Don't be afraid to integrate light and darker tones of orange. This will bring in a depth of fun and charm like the room below. 

orange interior

4. Pretty Pink

Who said pink was for girls? These days sherbet pinks can be incorporated easily into any space. A darker pastel pink has been utilised for the kitchen wall in the picture below. The colour looks best when contrasted against whites, blacks and greys.  

Pink kitchen
pink living room
pink study