5 Unique Ways To Decorate With Mosaic Tiles In The Bathroom

Creating a bathroom that is different and unique can easily be done using interesting mosaics. We like the idea of mosaics because they add an interesting texture and style to any bathroom. We have found 5 different ideas that will inspire your next bathroom project. Go bold with colourful tiles and interesting patterns or keep it simple with neutrals and uniform shapes.  

1. Use interesting shapes

Mosaic tiles don't only need to conform to a rectangular shape. The hexagonal shaped tiles below are on point with the current geometric trend and are modern and fresh. You can either chose one colour for all tiles or choose varying light and dark tones of one colour. 

grey bathroom
white bathroom
white bathroom

2. Add a burst of colour 

Mosaic tiles can easily be added as a small feature piece within the shower or bath room. Add some colour to your small accent piece like the turquoise tones below that add a cool and calm feel. 

natural bathroom
blue bathroom

3. Tile your entire bathroom

The decision to cover your entire bathroom with mosaic tiles is a big one as the process of tiling hundreds of tiny pieces requires a large amount of time and patience. However the effort is definitely worth the reward. Like the bathroom below,  the mosaic tiles create a translucent, shimmering effect that is beautiful and unique. 

mosaic bathroom in white

4. Incorporate interesting colours

Striking or subdued, vibrant or soft, you have the ability to pick and choose colours that complement or contrast with each other.  The first picture incorporates soft pastel colours with blues, purples, yellows and oranges working in sync. The second bathroom has bright, teal coloured tiles that are extravagant and eye-catching. It all depends on what you prefer and the style you would like to recreate. 

pink and blue bathroom
turquoise bathroom
black and white bathroom

5. Create unique patterns 

Bring out your creative side and design a creative print or pattern. It can be a statement piece, small or large on a bathroom or shower wall. 

flower bathroom
blue and white bathroom