6 Steps to a tidy work space

The importance of a clean and tidy desk cannot be under-emphasised. Not only does having a tidy and clean desk increase your productivity and efficiency but it is also more hygenic. Researchers have discovered that the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is an astounding fact considering that we spend a majority of lives at a desk. So in order to enjoy all the benefits of having a neat desk we have listed 6 easy ways to keep your desk spic and span. 

1.       Physical inbox 

Maintain an organised 'to-do' tray that contains all assignments still to be processed and cleared. Try to not let documents stagnate on this pile, if you have not completed the task in two to three months then reconsider putting it in the trash or file it for safe keeping if it is extremely important. The same can be said for a completed task. 

2.        Keep a dustbin close

Don't hold on to unnecessary documents. If you don't use it or will not use it in the future then trash it. Having a dustbin close by will allow you to easily chuck out irrelevant clutter as soon as possible. 

3.       Review your clutter on a monthly basis

Unfortunately maintaining a tidy work space requires consistent decluttering. We recommend reviewing the items that take up space on a monthly basis. This will help to control the storage levels of your desk. We are not only referring to physical clutter but also digital clutter. If you have a number of files on your computer that have not been allocated and are randomly scattered on your desktop then ensure they are placed in an specific folder for easy future reference. If you are finished with the document send it to your trash folder. 

4.       Scan & Store 

If you deal with physical documents then a good way to store them, rather than in a filing cabinet, is to scan and save them to a specific folder on your computer. It may seem like effort but we promise the effort is worth the convenience. Always keep a backup drive, either in the cloud or external hard drive. Only keep the original documents unless absolutely necessary. 

5.       Wipe down your desk regularly 

Make it a habitat to wipe down your desk regularly. This includes your keyboard, mouse and dusk collectors like landline phones and computer boxes. 

6.       Pack up each day 

Leave your desk in a clean state before you finish your day. Pack away stationary items and papers. Give your computer a break and log off each day. When you arrive to work the next day you essentially start a clean slate with no clutter or mess.