7 Reasons To Decorate With White

An all white room may sound clinical but the all white tone is strangely relaxing and calming. Although maintaining and keeping them surgical white may not be all that relaxing. Using a white palette gives you free reign to add different textures and materials. White is a neutral colour whereby less is usually more. Consider a eye-catching signature piece to add excitement or candles to create a warm ambiance. We've given you seven reasons to decorate with white. 


Snow day
snow and fox
person in snow

1. You have free-reign to add interesting textures  

Heavy sheepskin blankets and carpets are all on trend and are a great way to incorporate texture into a white room. 

Dining table white

2. White makes a room look modern 

White walls and elements creates clean lines and instantly makes a room feel modern and fresh. 

White kitchen

3. It looks good in all rooms 

You can't go wrong when decorating with white. It looks good in each and every room of your home. 

white bathroom

4. Creates a cosy atmosphere 

With the right amount of lighting and texture, a room can feel comfortable and cosy. 

white bedroom

5. You don't have to overthink it

Colours can tend to make decorating complicated as we spend hours on deciding which colours go with what. White significantly simplifies matters and takes the hassle out of colour coding. 

white kitchen

6. Think dreamy white sheets

Because who doesn't love perfectly white, crisp white sheets. 

White bedroom

7. Signature pieces look amazing 

To break the white, add a beautiful element that catches the eye or makes a statement. 

white livingroom