7 Simple Ideas To Getting The Most Out Of Your Shoes

It has been said that shoes speak louder than words. This quote especially rings true when comparing a pair of polished, gleaming shoes to a pair of shoddy, neglected shoes. Taking the time out to give your beloved shoes some TLC lengthens their lifespan and keeps them looking new. We have listed 7 ways to keep your footwear looking fresh and clean. 

1. Keep leather shoes polished 

Leather shoes need to be wiped down and polished to preserve their smoothness and sheen. Use quality shoe polish to protect your shoes. There is a range of various colour waxes to choose from depending on the colour of your shoes. 

Leather Loafers

2. Protect suede shoe fabric with specialised spray  

Suede is a high maintenance fabric as it can easily become scuffed and dirty. Use suede spray to specifically soften and help restore the texture to suede shoes and recolour faded, stained and scuffed shoes back to their original colour. 

converse sneakers

3. Use foam cleaner for canvas/fabric shoes 

Use a gentle foam cleaner to rid your canvas shoes and sneakers of mud and dirt. Using foam cleaner is easier than scrubbing shoes clean as you simply spray on your footwear and wipe off.  

4. Re-heel or resole to lengthen your shoes duration 

A good pair of shoes can last decades but more times than not heels and soles are the first parts to show the most wear and tear. To extend the life span of your shoes, reheel or resole often. 

5. Change your insoles as your shoes get older 

Insoles are particularly important as they provide support and stability when you walk. There is nothing worse than having to stand all day in a pair of shoes that are terribly uncomfortable. Investing in a quality insole will prevent heel slippage and foot ache. 

6. Invest in quality shoe boxes 

Keeping shoes in quality, easily stackable shoe boxes will not only be a great space saver but will also ensure that their shape is maintained. They will also be shielded from dust and grime. Click link to shop our shoe boxes. 

7. Prevent your shoes from becoming smelly

If your shoes have a sweaty smell that you can't get rid of then consider putting anti-bacterial foot powder, baking soda or vinegar over the offending shoes.