8 Steps to a Cosy Bedroom Sanctuary

There is nothing better than coming home after a long day's work to a warm and comfortable bed. We spend a significant of time in our bedrooms and for this reason our bedrooms should be a sanctuary from which we can escape the world. A space where we can relax and unwind. We list 8 steps to creating an oasis that is cosy and snug. 

1.       Neutrals

Incorporating neutral colours and patterns into your bedroom will create a soft and mellow mood. White linens, light wood furniture pieces and tan cushions can create a balanced room that exudes tranquility and calm. 

light brown bedroom with white sheets

2.       Soft linens

Silky soft sheets are a definite must when creating a room that is comfortable and cosy. 

light blue headboard with white duvet

3.       Cushions & Pillows 

You don't need to go overboard with cushions but a few puffy pieces will add texture and colour. Quality sleeping pillows are also essential for a good nights' rest. 

Bedroom with grey pillows and cushions

4.       Soft Lighting

The correct lighting is necessary to set a calm tone. You can use a dimming light switch or less harsher light sources like candles to create the right tone. 

Pink bedroom with light shade

5. Black-out curtains 

Black-out curtains give you those extra hours to sleep as the block out the light of the sun. Curtains are also a form of insulation as they stop warm air escaping out of windows. 

Pale blue throw in bedroom

6.       Wood furniture

Bring the outside in with natural, wooden furniture pieces. There is something calming about nature and its surroundings and by incorporating interesting, wooden pieces you can recreate the same feel. 

Grey and white bedroom with blind

7. Sweet smells 

Always make sure your room smells great. Use a room spray, reed diffuser or sweet-smelling flowers. 

Grey and white bedroom

8. 'Clean-up later' area

Create a small area where you can set done your 'stuff' down - a 'clean-up later' area. An ottoman or bench can be used for this.  An ottoman with a secret storage compartment is even better.  

bohemian bedroom for wooden bench