A Room By Room Guide To Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can solve just about every storage problem you have. Who says you need cupboards anyway. They just take up extra floor space and floating shelves are a great fixture for barren walls. Our room by room guide gives you a quick run down on how to organise every room using floating shelves. 

1. Bedroom

 If you're looking to keep you room simple and clean then a floating side table is a suitable alternative to bulky side tables with legs. The floating table below has a drawer feature which gives you more storage space for your odds and ends. A simple, short floating shelf will give you enough space for your night lamp and phone to charge. 

bedroom with floating side table

2. Bathroom

Since bathtubs, toilets and sinks take up a majority of space in the bathroom, floating shelves can be efficient space makers. Select shelves that fit together with the theme of your bathroom. The wooden shelves below match the earthy tones of the army green wall and cream coloured towels. It is also worth considering  what you intend to use the shelf for in order to choose the right shape and sized floating shelf. 

bathroom with thin floating shelves
bathroom with white floating shelves

3. Kitchen 

The kitchen is a place where it is always good to have something within arms reach. Floating shelves are both practical and pretty as you can easily find what you're looking whilst also showing off your best kitchen ware. 

Wooden shelves with ceramic plates above kitchen sink
kitchen with wooden floating shelves
kitchen with wooden floating shelves

4. Living Room

Living rooms are where we get to show off our homes as this is where spend the most time when we entertain guests and visitors. We want guests to feel comfortable and relaxed when they walk in to our home. Floating shelves in the lounge are mainly for display purposes for things such as book collections, art pieces or sentimental ornaments. An extensive floating shelf like the one below can also give guests an idea of what we like and who we are. 

Large floating shelves in living room
Wooden floating shelves
Corner floating shelves in white living rooms

5. Laundry Room 

Laundry rooms are chaotic and often the last part of the home we consider when it comes to decorating. Floating shelves can neaten and modernise the neglected laundry room. 

Laundry room with wooden floating shelf
Laundry room with floating shelf

6. Study Room

A tidy desk means a tidy mind. This is why floating shelves are a great way to use wall space above our work desks for both aesthetic and functional purposes. 

White floating shelves in study
Study room with white shelves
Study room with green plants and floating shelves

7. Kids Room

Keep you kids room neat and organised with floating shelves like the extra-length shelves below which provide ample space for toys, teddies and clothes. 

Kids room extra length floating shelf