How to incorporate India Pink in your home

Bright, bold, ‘India’ pink is trending at the moment and we are loving the whimsical and vivid colour theme. It is referred to as ‘India’ pink because of the vibrant colours that are entrenched in the Indian culture and country. We show you how to incorporate this beautiful, fresh colour into your home.  

woman with blue stone ring and bright colours
Indian ladies and blue and pink walls
colourful powder india
Colourful pom poms sandals

1. Rugs & Carpets  

A statement carpet with hues of pink can add a whimsical note to any living space. Strategically placed under a coffee or dining table, it adds a pop of colour and excitement. The blue textures of the walls and sofas complement the tones of the pink carpets below. 

Blue room with pink carpet
Pink persian rug with blue sofa
Blue dining room chairs with pink rug

2. Cushions & Pillows

Add scatter cushions with interesting stripes and playful patterns to enhance the vibrancy of a room. Don't be shy to choose contrasting colours that complement different tones of pink like oranges, reds and greys. 

Pink patterns on sofa
Blue sofa with pink patterned pillows

3. Feature Furniture Pieces

If you're feeling brave then choose specific signature pieces that incorporate pink through interesting patterns and textures. The sofa below has an interesting shape with a beautiful, floral patterned upholstery. The chairs in the second frame add a pop of bright pink colour to an otherwise white room. 

Pattern sofa with pink and blue
Pink director chairs with white room