Modern Metallics - Incorporating Gold, Silver & Copper Into Your Home

Gold and silver have for thousands of years represented substantial wealth and riches. Copper on the other hand is not considered a precious metal but is still a fairly valuable metal that is widely used throughout the construction industry. Today the three metals are making a resurgence that looks modern, glamorous and eye-catching. From striking wallpapers to bold metallic decor, we have found all the best metallic inspiration on the internet. 

1. Gold 

Gold is the most extravagant and expensive of the three metals and exudes class but can also border on gaudy. When incorporating gold metallics in a room it is worth considering that less is usually more. Strike an even balance by contrasting the warm metallic against neutrals like black, white and grey.  The wallpaper below subtly balances the sheen of the metallic with stark a white undertone so as to create a bedazzled backdrop that is striking but not overpowering. Also stick to interesting gold pieces that create a pop of metallic like the small side tables and mini bar below. 

gold wallpaper interior
gold table interior
gold tiled interior
gold wardrobe
gold mini bar
gold side table

2. Silver 

Silver is slightly more forgiving than gold as its grey tones contrast easily with all colours. Silver is seriously modern but also lacks the warmth of gold's yellow tones which can make a room seem cold and stiff. Our silver inspiration incorporates the latest trend of mirrored furniture which may not be silver per se but it does mimic the shimmering finish of the metal. 

Silver cupboard with mirror
silver mirrored dressing table
silver mirror table
silver mirrored dresser
silver tiles kitchen

3. Copper

Copper seems to have exploded onto the trend scene as it is being incorporated in all things like light fixtures, shelves, hangers and decor accessories to name a few. Copper is a warm and versatile colour that doesn't possess the gaudiness of gold and looks impressive amongst most colour contrasts, especially white. 

copper bed base
copper shelving
copper basin
copper shelving
copper candles
copper table