40 Things To Get Rid Of In Your Closet Right Now

Don't put-off decluttering your closet any longer. We've come up with a list of 40 items you can get rid of immediately. 

1. Anything that doesn't fit - too small or too big. 

runway with big clothes

2. The outfits you bought for a special occasion and have never worn again.

3. Anything with unintentional holes, rips or stains. Either fix or chuck.

ripped jeans

4. Items that have faded and look really tired. 

Faded shirt

5. Ridiculously uncomfortable shoes that you never wear.

high heels

6. Anything with its tag still on that you have never worn. 

7. Dried nail polish & expired make-up.  

nail polish

8. Clothing that was trendy in the 80's and has never made a comeback.

clothing from eighties

9. Clothes you have outgrown. Think mini skirts that were appropriate when you were 18 but not so much anymore. 

sarah jessica parker

20. Bra's & underwear that no longer fit or never fitted.  

21. Wire hangers from the dry cleaners. 


22. Anything that was white and is now a light shade of mustard yellow. 

23. Unused expensive items you feel guilty throwing away.  

Gucci outfit

24. Sentimental items that are actually unflattering & ugly. 

colourful jacket

25. Gifts you've been given that you never use. 

26. Complimentary t-shirts that you only keep because they were free.

27. Single socks that have lost their significant other. 

28. Pantyhose or tights with runs and rips.  

29. Shoddy shoe boxes that are now collapsing on each other. 

30. Things that don't suit your style anymore. 

31. Belts that are broken or don't fit.  

32. Purses you forgot you even had. 

33. Any handbags that are falling apart at the seams. 

34. Jewelry that has rusted or is lying in knots. 

35. Clothes that were supposed to go to the tailor but never did. 

36. Shoes that needed to get re-heeled, washed or resoled and never did.  

37. Sandals or clothing you bought for your summer holiday but have never worn since your summer holiday. 

tropical shirts

38. Shoes that have seen better days. 

dirty shoes

39. Clothing for the holidays and seasonal events like Christmas jerseys, Halloween costumes, Burning Man attire or Easter bunny outfits you will never wear again. 

Halloween outfit
easter bunny outfit

40. Leggings that are not flattering on your lady parts. 

kim kardashian