5 Questions That Will Make Your Decluttering Journey Easier

The choice between deciding what to keep and what to toss is a difficult one that requires a certain amount of resolve. It isn't an easy decision to let go of items that may have high monetary or sentimental value. Decluttering is daunting and the potential prospect of getting rid of anything we may need in the future is enough to stop us from even getting started. We have come up with 5 simple questions that can be applied to make any decluttering situation less stressful and challenging. 

1. Has it been useful to me over the past 12 months?

Lets face it, if you haven't used something for over a year then chances are you probably forgotten you even had it and will never use it in the future. If you are still wrestling with idea of keeping something you haven't used in the past 12 months then consider a charitable organisation that could actually put it to good use. Knowing that you could potentially let go of something you own so that someone else can benefit may be the push you need to finally get rid of your unused stuff. This includes books you've never gotten around to reading, kitchen appliances you've never taken out the box or tools that have never seen the light of day. 

shelves with stuff

2. Do I need it? 

Advertisers do a terrific job of convincing us that we 'need' whatever they are selling. For instance we have to have the newest fast fashion, the latest Apple products or the 'just released' upgrade of our car but the reality is if it's not broken why fix it? If you already have an extensive wardrobe, your Apple phone works like the day you first got it or your car still functions perfectly then why do we always feel like we need something newer, better and faster? The truth is global brands persuade us into believing that we need their products in our lives when we actually only want them. So for the things you currently own or are looking to own try to become more conscious of why you are keeping them or the reasons for purchasing them. Do you want it or do you need it? 

revolving closet

3. If I don't need it do I love it?

Don't get us wrong we are not saying become a complete minimalist and only live with the bare necessities. We want you to ensure that everything you have in your home is something that you value, cherish and love. If you have been harbouring that ancient cutlery set you inherited or old artworks you received as a gift in your garage then maybe it's time to sell it on to someone who will appreciate it and show it off. 

calm down


4. Am I holding onto it 'just in case'? 

We have to face the grim reality that 'just in case' may never come. A friend of mine was hoarding stacks of magazines (some were published nearly 25 years ago!) for her grandchildren (who hadn't been born yet), 'in case' they needed cutouts for their school projects. But in actual fact the magazines were creating more dust and clutter than they were worth and the advent of Google made these magazines redundant. Are the things you are keeping 'just in case' creating more maintenance then they are worth? 

stack of magazines

5. Is it more valuable to me than creating free space? 

There always seems to be an endless supply of things that need packing away or storing and only a limited amount of space in which to store it in. This dynamic represents a simple supply and demand relationship that makes free space an expensive and rare commodity. If your clutter situation is at the point where it is hindering simple tasks like cleaning or cooking then maybe it is time to rethink how valuable your things are to you versus the space that they occupy. Similarly with kids rooms that are filled with toys and clutter that make doing homework impossible because there is just not enough space. Don't let your things own you and claim back your space. 

step brothers so much room for activities