5 Ways To Incorporate Rattan & Wicker Furniture - The Perfect Compliment To The Pantone Colour Of The Year - Greenery

Wicker and rattan furniture is making a come back. But don't confuse the two as their is a distinct and definitive difference between rattan and wicker. Rattan is a palm that grows up to 30 metres high. It is an extremely strong wood that is sturdy and durable. Wicker, on the other hand, is not a material but rather a technique that weaves together plant-based fibers, such as bamboo, willow and rattan. Rattan and wicker makes the perfect compliment to the greenery colour that is currently trending. We have listed 5 beautiful ways to incorporate this new, fresh trend into your home. 

1. Chairs 

Wicker & rattan chairs are both comfortable, dynamic and beautiful. They can be incorporated as accent pieces into simple interiors with lots of light. They are the ideal compliment to the light tones and neutral colours seen in the pictures below. Green tones with jungle-themed patterns within the scattered cushions enhances the natural theme of the interiors. The intricate patterns and unique shapes of the chairs adds an interesting dynamic also. 

Rattan chair
Rattan chair
Rattan and wicker sofa
Rattan chair decorative

2. Headboards

Rattan and wicker headboards are unique and a refreshing change to otherwise heavy headboards covered in fabric. The intricacy of the patterns and the colour of the rattan fits perfectly into the tropical theme of the bedrooms below. 

Rattan headboard with green theme
Rattan headboard pattern

3. Day Bed

Because rattan and wicker furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors, they make for excellent day beds. Whether basking in the sun outside or chilling on the patio, a day-bed is the perfect place to laze the day away.  

Rattan daybed inside
Rattan day bed inside
outside daybed rattan
Rattan sofa

4. Outside furniture 

Wicker and rattan furniture is extremely durable and makes for great outdoor furniture. The solid weight of a chunky lounger makes it sturdy and strong. Keep it simple with a comfy L-shaped sofa or cushioned sun lounger. Add decorative accents with scattered pillows and side tables.  

Rattan lounger
Outside furniture
sun lounger
outside furniture

5. Lampshades 

Don't get left in the dark with these trendy rattan and wicker lampshades that come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. Add an interesting feature to any room as seen below. 

rattan lampshade
wicker lampshade
wicker lampshade
wicker lampshade