3 Steps To Perfecting A Kitchen Bar

A bar or stop-off area in the kitchen is perfect for interacting and socialising with friends and family while you are cooking up a storm.  You don't need a huge amount of space as you can easily get creative with a small corner of any kitchen counter. Add to this one or two high stools and you have yourself a small kitchen nook. We've listed 3 ways to perfect your next kitchen bar. 

1. Add a small table bar or get inventive with existing counters

If you have an existing table edge then simply adding kitchen stools will do the trick. Otherwise if you have some additional space in your kitchen then you can add a small counter like the ones shown below that enable you to store chairs underneath when not in use. The counters also act as natural room dividers.  

white kitchen with bar
small kitchen with stools
small kitchen counter top
modern kitchen with bar
creative kitchen counter top.


2. Choose matching chairs 

The amount of chairs or stools you can incorporate will be dependent on the size of your kitchen space. Also the style and colour of the bar stools should be coherent with the theme of your kitchen. If your kitchen is predominately white then adding interesting chair shapes and colours will add a pop of contrast. 

kitchen bar and stool
kitchen stools
kitchen space
kitchen bar stools

3. Use overhead lighting  

If you are serious about your kitchen bar then adding interesting light fixtures directly above will add style to the designated space. The images below portray symmetrical lighting fixtures in sets of three that add a dynamic and unique feel.  

modern kitchen bar and stool
modern copper kitchen
modern kitchen
kitchen with stool and bar
modern kitchen with view