8 Benefits Of Living Life With Less

Does the sight of your clutter give you anxiety attacks or are you perfectly relaxed with everything in your home organised and tidy? If you are feeling overwhelmed by your chaotic clutter then maybe it is time to become more aware of how it is negatively impacting your day-to-day life. Knowing the benefits of living with less clutter may give you the encouragement to finally face that mounting pile of stuff. We have listed 8 benefits to creating a life with less but actually ending up with more time, more space and more joy. Less equals more.   

1. Efficiency

According to Newsweek, the average person wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things they have misplaced. Creating a system where everything has a certain place means you don't have to waste endless hours looking for that one item you stuffed away ages ago and have no clue where you last put it. Knowing where everything is leads to efficiency and becoming more efficient means spending less time on looking for things and more time for doing things you enjoy like relaxing and watching Netflix.  

2. Control 

There are so many things within our environment that we can't control but we can control the things and stuff we have in our life. Organising your clutter is liberating and when you do feel overwhelmed by life then at least there is a space that is tidy and tranquil to go to. 

cleaning room

3. Simplicity 

It hard to believe that we wear 20% of our clothing, 80% of the time. Imagine if we decided to finally get rid of all the stuff we had been holding onto 'just in case'? Getting dressed in the morning would be a lot quicker and easier and our lives would inevitably become far simpler. More stuff means more options and more options makes our lives complicated. 

white blouses and shirt

4. Freedom 

A survey conducted by Ikea found that 31% of customers reported they were more satisfied after cleaning out their closets than they were after sex. Don't let yourself become weighed down by your stuff. Enjoy the freedom that comes with living with less. 


5. Calm 

Clutter creates anxiety whereas having open and organised spaces sets a calm and relaxed atmosphere. What's better than coming home after a long day to a calm and clutter-free home? 

6. Renewed Energy

When you de-clutter your physical space and begin to 'let go' of your stuff then you are also indirectly clearing your emotions and mind. An organised home makes you realise what is most important to you. With less congestion and more clarity in out lives, we feel a sense of freedom and lightness that inevitably gives us more energy. 

cleaning home

7. Increased productivity 

If your workplace is cluttered and crowded than it becomes difficult to complete tasks and deadlines efficiently and effectively. Don't let documents and paper overtake your desk, continuously edit and clear. 

8. Cleaner home

It's no secret that clutter attracts dust and dirt if we don't actively clean it. Clear spaces are easy to maintain and clean which leads to a fresher and brighter home. 

white living room