11 Top Tips That Make Packing Your Suitcase A Breeze

Your vacation is looming and excitement is building with each day. You already have the mental images of all the amazing spots and attractions you plan to visit. However one question keeps nagging at the back of your mind, how am I going to fit everything in my suitcase? This may make you anxious and slightly overwhelmed but don't panic we have a short and easy guide that makes packing for your next holiday a breeze. 


1. Roll your clothes

Roll your garments, except for the bulkier items. This allows you to create more space and prevent clothes from getting wrinkled. 

2. Organise electronic cables

USB cables, chargers and other electronic cables should be neatly packed away within an organiser or small bag. This saves you having to scour through your bag when you need them. 

3. Put toiletries in small travel bottles

Our day-to-day toiletry items are bulky and heavy and can end up taking up a lot of space and the chances are we are only going to use a small amount anyway. This is why it is more efficient to put them into smaller travel-sized bottles. 

4. Pack & fold panties and bras neatly

It may seem like a tedious task to fold and stack bras but it is well worth it in order to save space within your suitcase. 

5. Use iPads/Kindles instead of books

Lets face it books are heavy and take up space. Why not consider downloading your planned holiday book onto a lightweight device like a Kindle? 

6. Make use of shoe covers

Shoe covers give your shoes protection, keep your them organised and prevent other items in your suitcase from getting dirty. 

7. Use heat pouches for hair irons

Contain your heating iron and hair dryer by placing them in a heat pouch. This also enables you to pack your iron while it is still hot without burning other delicate items in your suitcase. 

8. Put makeup in clear bags

Storing your makeup into transparent bags ensures your make-up is all in order and gives you the ability to see everything in one place without having to scramble and mess up your perfectly organised suitcase.  

9. Use small jewellery bags

Don't let your jewellery get forgotten and tangled at the bottom of your suitcase. Rather pack it into its own designated bag for safe-keeping. 

10. Choose versatile clothing pieces

This is probably the most important tip on the list as choosing flexible pieces means you get more wear out of each item - like a black leather jacket that can easily go from day casual to nighttime chic. Also be honest with yourself and only pack items you will definitely wear. If it's a maybe then don't pack it. 

11. Put socks & belts inside shoes

Use the inside of your shoe to store items like socks and belts - a great secret storage compartment.