8 Big Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

The art of illusion allows us to make small spaces appear seemingly bigger than they are. Spatially limited interiors don't need to be shrouded in neutrals or have no personality, on the contrary they can be bold and stylishly smart. We have listed eight skilful ways to master compact living. 

1. When decorating stick to the mantra 'less is more' 

Small spaces don't need to be overwhelmed with too much decor or accessories. Stick to clean lines, smooth finishes and modern fixtures. The kitchen below is modern, light and most importantly simply finished. The bedroom incorporates interesting design elements through the scatter cushions and light fixtures while the dark blue accent wall adds character. 

clean, modern kitchen
bedroom with dark blue wall
small neat apartment

2. Use light colours to brighten small spaces

Small interiors need lots of light and depth otherwise they can feel cave-like and claustrophobic. For rooms that do not have windows or lack decent sunlight then brighten the space with light colours (white, cream or ivory) and good lighting. This will bring warmth and the illusion of space like the pictures below. 

Small apartment white
small bathroom white

3. Utilise framed furniture pieces 

In small areas there is often not enough space to put up walls and hallways, so many apartments tend to be open plan. For a small open plan space use framed furniture, like the four poster bed below, to create a designated space within the room. Similarly screen dividers are also a great artistic feature that divides spaces easily. 

four poster bed with white
screen divider small bedroom
screen divider small apartment

4. Make use of modular and functional furniture 

Having a small space means being creative and clever with furniture and decor pieces. Try find furniture pieces that are flexible like the kitchen table below that serves as a desk and storage cabinet which can also be folded up onto the wall to create space when it is not in use. Pick furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but modular and serves multiple purposes. 

wooden staircase
shelf with desk
table desk foldable

5. Add signature interest pieces 

Incorporating decor or furniture pieces that are bold and interesting to a small interior gives a room character. Bring your personality into your compact area. 

lounge area with black and white carpet
lounge area with blue carpet

6. Positioning storage is key 

Every single bit of space needs to be thought out and each piece of storage carefully considered so as to not limit the possibilities of your small interior. The shelves below have been cleverly built within the structure of the house, while the kitchen doorway has built-in shelving for additional storage space.  

wall with wooden storage shelves
small apartment with seat and ktichen
kitchen doorway with storage

7. Incorporate mirrors to create the illusion of depth 

Mirrors are great way to give depth and the illusion of space in a room. They can double the space just by reflecting what is already within the interior.  

bedroom with mirror
dining table with mirror

8. Bring in concealed storage 

Concealed storage gives the illusion of minimalism and simplicity within a room that is collected and calm. This is essential for a small apartment as clutter significantly reduces space and creates a cramped atmosphere. The kitchen and tv cabinets below have clean, crisp lines that are elegant and hide all forms of clutter. 

white kitchen cabinet with concealed storage
white TV cabinet with concealed storage
kitchen cabinet with concealed storage
white kitchen cabinet with concealed storage