9 Trending Textures That Are Essential For A Complete & Cohesive Interior

No room is complete without interesting textures. Textures make a room dynamic and introduce visual interest and movement. It's all about finding balance with textures and creating a space that feels warm, inviting and unique. Don't be afraid to combine contrasting textures together. Whether its big knitted blankets or silky soft velvet couches, we have compiled a list of 9 textures and textiles that are currently on trend.  

1. Coarse Fabrics 

Course fabrics are often used within the popular tribal theme. The pictures below use tawny colour pillows and carpets to combine interesting patterns and grainy textiles. The second picture shows scatter cushions that have bristly patterns embroidered onto the fabric to create beautiful and unique feature pieces.

linen tribal fabric pillows
linen fabric pillows

2. Velvet Furnishings 

We did a previous article on the four jewel colours we are obsessed with and we realised that there is no other fabric that can emulate the richness of these colours like velvet can. Furniture pieces upholstered in velvet are perfect for creating a burst of colour and excitement into a room.  

velvet ottoman
velvet couch deep blue
teal couch velvet

3. Soft Faded Carpets

Turkish style rugs are all back in fashion with faded, vintage style patterns and soft colours. Using cool colours and soft-to-touch carpets creates an interior that is calm and light like the pictures featured below.  

turkish blue rug
pale orange carpet
pastel pink carpet

4. Big Knits

These oversized knit blankets are ideal for cozying up with on a cold winters' day. The knit of the blankets and ottomans forms a dynamic pattern that brings a sense of movement into a room. They create an interior that is warm and welcoming. 

oversized knit blanket
knit pouffe
oversized knit blanket

5. Sheepskin Decor 

The silky soft feel and look of sheepskin makes any interior appear light and airy. Contrast metal elements like the picture below with fluffy throws or create a comfortable space with a sheepskin rug. 

sheepskin throw
sheepskin throw

6. Cool Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring has enjoyed an upsurge of interest as designers and homeowners have chosen basic concrete flooring over expensive marble tiling or wood panel floor boards. Its smooth, neutral appearance makes it ideal for use in any part of the home and creates an atmosphere that is cool and calm. 

concrete flooring
concret kitchen
concret kitchen

7. Exposed Brick Surface

We like the idea of choosing an unplastered block wall that exposes the varying tones of pink and orange within the bricks. The walls below create texture and interest, as although the bricks follow a uniform pattern, they are actually all differing shades, shapes and sizes. These imperfections bring a certain rawness and earthy feel to an interior.

exposed brick surface with mirror
exposed brick surface kitchen
exposed brick surface living room

8. Leather Pieces 

Leather is an considered to be a part of human culture as it has been used since early civilisation. It is a material that is known for its rich tones and soft-to-touch texture. It is easily pliable, durable and strong. Each leather piece will develop a 'personality' of its own as it becomes withered and worn. 

lounge with leather couch
leather chair
leather chair

9. Light Organic Wood Fixtures 

Untreated, light woods bring the outside in and create an comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The natural wood grains inherent in each peice of wood brings its own texture and charachter into a room. 

wooden shelves
wooden interior house