The 3 Things We're Loving In 2017 - Big Windows, Panel Walls & French Doors

We were inspired by big city living and the signature big glass windows seen on classic New York style apartments and the quaint windows with intricately decorated steel balustrades in Paris. We are also seeing an upcoming trend of panel walls and glass panel doors within symmetrically perfect archways. We hope you feel inspired for your next renovation or project. 

1. Beautiful Windows 

We love windows because they illuminate a home and bring in lots of natural sunlight. They are essential to creating light and warmth in any home. The windows below come in various shapes and sizes with different panel sizes and colours. Whether you like bright, big windows, skylights or more simple, smaller windows, we've found it. 

Big, bold windows

big white window with face brick
big window overlooking city
arch window in bedroom
big symmetrical window in living room
big wall window
apartment window in new york city

Panel windows 

black steel windows
white panel windows
black panel window


skylight window in kitchen
skylight window in bedroom
skylight window in living room

Small windows

small white window bedroom
paris balcony window
paris balcony window

2. French Doors 

French doors add interest and a lightness to a room. We've found a variety of french door styles that are elegant and timeless. 

french door and panel window
white french doors
panel door
french door
white french door
white french door
white french door

3. Panel Walls 

Traditional panel walls incorporate a sense of symmetry and depth into a room. Sharp lines and simple patterns make an interior unique and stylish. 

grey panel wall
white panel wall
white panel wall
white panel wall
window panel wall
grey panel wall
grey panel wall
white panel wall