7 Tips To Stop Yourself Overspending & Collecting Clutter

In order to fully combat our clutter we have to look at the root of the problem and that is overspending or buying things for the sake of having to have the latest fast fashion. We also fall into the trap of 'because I bought it on sale I actually made money'. Bargain deals and not-to-be missed sales often have us buying products we actually didn't need in the first place. For this reason, it helps to have a clear plan of action when shopping online or visiting your local mall so as to not blow your budget and end up buying unnecessary items. This will serve well both for your clutter problems and your pocket. 

shopping list

1. Make a shopping list and stick to it

When we go online shopping or visit a physical store we are bombarded with stuff to buy and this distracts us from our original intention. This is why it's essential to have a defined list or good idea of what you really need. It is easier said then done to make a shopping list but its another to actually stick to it as we often become distracted by bargains or appealing items we don't necessarily need. Having the discipline to say no takes strength but having a itemised list will help you refrain. 

2. Try not to shop if your are depressed or anxious

Don't get us wrong, we are strong proponents of a bit of retail therapy every now and then but shopping when you are emotional or depressed may cause you to make rash purchase decisions that you may end up regretting once the moment has passed you.

shopping bags

3. Forget your credit card at home

Credit cards give us the illusion that we have money but by leaving them at home we are forced to only spend money we physically have in cash or in our savings/cheque accounts.  

budget calculator

4. Set a budget each time you go shopping and stick to it 

By setting yourself a budget each time you shop you are able to prioritise for what your really need. For example, do you absolutely need another lipstick shade or could you put it in your budget for next month? 

5. Use cash instead of debit cards

Another way to curb your spending is to use cash when you shop. Having a limited amount of physical money makes us more aware of how much we are spending then when we simply swipe our cards. The psychological effect of having to physically hand over your money and see it disappear makes you a more conscious spender.

6. Ask yourself the need or want question before you buy something

Test yourself each time before you buy something and ask yourself - Do you want it or do you need it? By asking yourself this question, you make yourself more conscious of what you are buying and your are able to identify its value to you. 

want and need

7. Only purchase what you can carry without a trolley or basket

An alternative way to stop yourself from overspending is to only buy what you can physically carry without a trolley or basket. This mainly applies to when we pop into the grocery store for a few items and come out with a heaped trolley. Don't be distracted by the endless aisles of food, take what you can carry and you'll save yourself the additional unnecessary spend. 

car stuffed with stuff