Create A Capsule Cupboard With 40 Pieces Or Less

Winter has arrived and that means less space in our closets due to heavy jackets and bulky coats. A good way to reduce our bulkier clothing and to maximise our cupboard space is to create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe contains a certain amount of items (in my capsule wardrobe I have included 40 items) that are versatile and can easily be mixed and combined to generate a variety of different outfits for any occasion. Since winter is upon us, I have designed a winter capsule wardrobe with all the coming cold months' essentials. I have also come up with an easy guide to starting your very own capsule closet. 

1. Identify Your Essentials 

The foundation of a successful capsule closet is based on high quality & comfortable fashion basics, that are generally a neutral tone and compliment everything in your capsule. For the jackets, jeans and shoes, I have chosen neutral tones of grey, black, cream and white. By identifying your favourite essentials, you are able to significantly reduce the time it takes you to get ready in the morning as your outfit options have all been carefully and clearly curated.

2. Add Pops Of Colour  

Choose 1-3 different colours that suit your style. I have chosen dusty pink, pastel blue and olive green tones. A good tip is to select colours that match well with each other. The subdued olive tones contrasts nicely against the lighter pink colours.  

Winter Capsule Wardrobe (2).png

3. Add Interesting Accessories

A capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be shrouded in neutrals, with a bit of considerate planning you can add exotic textures, interesting patterns or dynamic jewellery pieces. I have included a cream watch, black and white striped jersey, rich terracotta pink scarf, and soft pink handbag in my capsule. These simple pieces can be used as final touches to any outfit.  

4. Choose Pieces That You Can Dress Up & Down 

Key to ensuring that pieces are versatile, is to determine that they can be used as casual, day-time wear and also glammed up for more formal, night-time wear. I have included investment items like a leather jacket, little black dress and heeled black boots that can each be added to different outfits for either a casual or formal look.  

5. Pick Pieces That Fit Your Lifestyle 

You need to identify how you spend most of your time to effectively chose capsule pieces that represent you. Do you need to be more formal for work or is your day-to-day wear more casual? Do you attend a lot of formal functions in the evenings or do you occasionally go for relaxed dinners? My capsule closet represents my lifestyle which includes work which is more formal so I have included soft blouses, fitted pants and high heels but I have also selected more causal attire like sneakers, jerseys and jeans. I also have 'going out' items like the leather jacket, plum colour blouse and black casual pants and the 'staying in' pieces like the grey hoodie and slouchy pants. Make sure that your overall capsule closet emulates your lifestyle. 

Written by Victoria Ashwin

Written by Victoria Ashwin