6 Tips For Decorating With The Latest Colour Combination Trend - Pink & Green

Complementary colours are extremely pleasing to the eye which is why the combination of soft pink and subdued green work so well together. This colour combination is currently on trend, drawing inspiration from Mexican houses painted in washed pinks and contrasted against magnificent cactus plants that vary in shades of grey-green. A picture of renowned Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, depicts a backdrop of tall cacti and pink exterior walls of the apartment behind. We list 6 tips for decorating with green and pink that will guide you to perfecting your next interior project. 

1. Get creative - furniture or decor pieces can be used to contrast pink and green tones, not just walls

Like the image below that has a dressing cupboard painted in light pink that contrasts cleverly against the mint green bathtub, whilst the pink and green tones in the carpet bring the room together. The style of the room also makes the interior appear light and balanced. 

2. Use accent walls to make a statement 

The pale green accent wall adds interest and calm to this otherwise minimal bedroom. The pink of the cushions adds a sense of softness. The sense of calm and softness is the perfect mood for any bedroom. 

3. Set the mood by incorporating dynamic textures and varying tones 

Plan what shades of pink and green you like best and which ones go best together. The textures you decide on will also set the tone of the room. Soft pink velvet textures will go well against the delicate texture of green plant leaves.  

4. Use plants to bring the outdoors in

Green tones can be incorporated using interesting pot plant features and brings a sense of nature into an interior. 

5. Incorporate stylish furniture pieces

Using modern and unique furniture pieces sets a distinct style that is complimented by the colour combination of pink and green. Whether its chairs with round curves, creative wooden pieces or a completely distinct item, then use it to represent your taste. 

6. Add interesting elements 

Don't be afraid to mix different pieces from different periods or design styles. Choose items that will compliment your style, bring in an element of surprise or set the mood of the room. The pictures below all have a distinct element that draws the eye, whether it's the delicate plant in the clear vase, the soft pink chair, the bold stripes of the semi-circle couch or the pop of the gold elements in the last image.