10 Reasons Why We Love The Cool Blue Trend

Cool blue evokes serenity, peace and calm within an interior. It is ideal for creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and light where you can easily unwind. Light blue tones contrast perfectly with white and black hues. Also, since orange is the complementary colour of blue, rich wooden furniture pieces go beautifully with light blue tones. We have listed 10 reasons why we love this new colour trend. 

1. Cool blue tones add allure to a minimal interior  

blue dining room with white table

2. The tone can be used against old and new furniture or decor pieces for an art deco feel

blue living room with wooden table

3. Light tones make a room look fresh and modern 

blue dining room with white table

4. It makes furniture pieces look unique 

blue drawer chest

5. Creates a tranquil and comforting environment that encourages relaxation

blue accent wall with reading nook

6. Can be used to subtly create a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral interior 

blue couch in living room

7. When decorating with cool blue you don't need to overdecorate to create an eye-catching interior

blue living room with wooden coffee table

8. It can be contrasted against lighter and darker blues to create a stylish interior. 

blue geometric accent wall

9. It is versatile and can be used in any room of the house - even the kitchen 

blue kitchen cupboards
blue kitchen cupboards

10. It makes a stunning accent wall 

blue accent wall in living room