30 Tips & Tricks To Living An Organised Life

Let's face it, unless your an organising extraordinaire, like Marie Kondo, then maintaining a completely clutter-free home that is organised and tidy at all times is a difficult task. Tackling your clutter all at once is an overwhelming challenge in itself and even once your've have sorted and sifted through all your stuff you still have to keep it organised. We have come up with 30 tips and tricks that enable you to take small but meaningful steps toward an organised home. Practised on a daily basis, even the smallest actions can make a difference to your home. 

Declutter tips and tricks
  1. Always put things back in the right place - This is easier said than done. No more digging through the entire house for that one thing you didn't put back in its specific place. 
  2. If you don't need it then throw it away - Become selective with the things you choose to keep in your house. If you are not using it and don't plan to use it for the foreseeable future then throw it away. 
  3. Keep a donation box - An easy way to make quick decisions on stuff you don't want. Once the box is full, take it your chosen charity. 
  4. Take out the rubbish and recycling when you leave the house - This way you will avoid pile-ups. 
  5. Place a hook for your keys by your front door - No more wasting time looking for your keys. 
  6. Set up a place where you can charge all your electronic devices - This will save you having to look for your charger cables each time and no more plugging and unplugging. 
  7. Try the cupboard hanger experiment - turn all of your hangers backwards and as you wear each item, place the hanger back the right way. After a month you will know what clothing you wear the most and what you don't. 
  8. Create a to do list for your home - this will start the process of conquering your clutter. 
  9. Break goals into small action steps - Rome wasn't built in a day so creating a manageable action plan is crucial to successfully decluttering. 
  10. Prioritise your priorities - Taking account of what is most important is key to completing essential tasks on time. 
  11. Take photos - Capturing 'before' and 'after' images of your home will give you the motivation to not fall back into your old habits of collecting clutter. 
  12. Ask for help from family or friends - Don't be shy to include family and friends in your decluttering process. As the saying goes many hands make light work. 
  13. Invest in quality storage products - Preserving and protecting the stuff we decide to keep is imperative which is why it's important to invest in good quality storage products. 
  14. Clear by category - start by grouping the same category of items together and see how much each category piles up. When your shirt pile reaches 100 t-shirts then maybe its time to start decluttering.  
  15. Set aside a time to declutter - Even it's just 10 minutes spent cleaning and tidying the 'junk' drawer'. 
  16. Make back ups of everything digital - Technology can let you down. 
  17. Clean often - This is a good habit to maintain. 
  18. Donate something before you add or buy another thing - This makes us more aware of what we have and stops the clutter. 
  19. Check all expiry dates for food, make-up, creams, medicine - You will be surprised at how many things have expired that we don't use. 
  20. Keep your passwords in a secure password app or file - No more resetting passwords. 
  21. Stop procrastinating - Start with a simple task and see the difference. 
  22. Practise saying no - This applies to many things but most importantly purchasing more stuff. Do you need it or want it? 
  23. Place things where they work for you - Store things in places that suit your habits. 
  24. Scan photographs that aren't organised in an album - Get into the habit of digitising papers and photographs. 
  25. Store all important papers and documents, scan or throw away the rest - An organised filing system will ensure you are up to date with everything. 
  26. Use a recycle bin - This will reduce your carbon footprint. 
  27. Automate your bills - Save time by opting for debit orders that go off automatically every month. 
  28. Empty your handbag, purse or wallet when you get home - This stops receipts and clutter from accumulating. 
  29. Get your month to month budget in order - Understand where your money goes every month.  
  30. Clean your workspace at the end of each day - Start each morning fresh.