7 Easy Steps To Store Winter Clothing In The Off Season

Spring is nearly upon us as the winter season starts to wind down. Prepare to replace your winter wardrobe for new summer styles. The thought of having to pack away all your heavy jackets and jerseys and haul out your skirts, shirts and blouses be overwhelming. In a bid to make this transition easier, we have come up with 7 easy steps to packing away your winter wardrobe. Safely storing your clothing or shoes will lengthen their lifespan and make everything easy to unpack when the next winter comes around.

Step 1: Clean all outfits and wipe down shoes before packing away

Make sure all your garments are cleaned thoroughly before storing them away, whether they need to be machine washed or dry cleaned. Stains will only become worse over time and clean clothes are less likely to attract fish moths.  Preparing your clothing for storing will ensure that they are fresh and tidy not creased and musty when you pull them out again next winter. Similarly wipe down your winter boots and remove all dirt.

Step 2: Invest in fabric covered boxes

 Plastic dry-cleaning bags and vacuum bags are a definite no-no when it comes to safely storing your clothes because they don’t allow your garments to breath. While they do save space, they trap moisture which can lead to mold growth and mildew stains. Rather invest in good quality storage options that are durable and allow your clothes to breathe. Le-Lapa’s linen fabric storage boxes are the ideal solution as they have a secure lid which keeps everything dust-free, linen fabric covering for durability and a clear window that enables you to identify everything in an instant. Available in a variety of sizes. Click on image to shop. 

Step 3: Fold garments using the Marie Kondo technique to maximize space in the storage boxes

Marie Kondo is an organizer extraordinaire and for good reason because her folding method ensures that your storage space is utilized properly. We have included a link to our video which shows you exactly how to fold your heavier jerseys – it is super simple and is a great space saver.  Click here to go to the video. 

Packed Scarf Box1.jpg
packed scarf and jersey box

Step 4: Store heaviest garments at the bottom

Place the heavier and bulkier jackets or jerseys at the bottom of your storage box and lay lighter jerseys and pants on top of the heavier items. Try not to over stuff your storage box.

packed jeans and jersey box

Step 5: Wrap delicate items in tissue paper

Delicate materials can include cashmere, silk or chiffon. Ensure that these are wrapped safely in acid-free tissue paper.

blouse image

Step 6: Add scented sachets to keep clothes smelling fresh

Keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean by adding a scented sachet to your storage box.

packed scarf and jersey box

 Step 7: Store storage boxes in a cool, clean, dark, dry area

Once your storage boxes are packed and ready to be stored, you need to decide on a place to store them. Choose an area that doesn’t get too much light or attract a lot of heat and isn’t dusty. Ideally it should be cool, clean and dry.