4 Different Ways to Incorporate Wallpaper Into Your Home

The shell of our homes is a canvas on which we can choose to set the tone of each room. Wallpaper can make a room go from flat and somber to unique and vibrant. When applied correctly, wallpaper can look akin to a beautiful piece of artwork. We have found several rooms with beautiful wallpaper patterns that will hopefully inspire you to incorporate it in your home. 

1. Wallpaper doesn't have to be dramatic. It can be delicate and subtle too.

Wallpaper comes in all shapes and forms. Intricate patterns, soft pastel colours and thin-lined prints can be used to create a natural and light mood. 

Wallpaper room with orange chair
feather wallpaper bathroom
blue and pink flowers
pink wallpaper bathroom

2. Be bold with an interesting and captivating pattern. 

Black and white geometric patterns are all the trend. An accent wall filled with a bold black and white pattern adds an eclectic feel to any room. 

geometric wallpaper with white chair
dot wallpaper in hallway

3. Intricate patterns and metallic colours are exotic and eye-catching. 

Contrast neutral walls with a metallic wallpaper to add a definitive uniqueness to each room. A careful balance between metallics and neutrals is essential. 

green and cold wallpaper
gold wallpaper bathroom
gold wallpaper bedroom

4. Incorporate murals of nature to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to forget about the healing powers of nature. Utilise intricate patterns of nature or murals to recreate the beauty of nature in your home. 

nature wallpaper with green