6 Simple Ways To Organise Your Makeup & Beauty Collection

It relatively easy to become a makeup hoarder as there seems to be a limitless amount of options when it comes to beauty products. Waterproof vs non-waterproof - 24 hour lasting vs 16 hour wear - shimmer vs matte - extra volume vs luscious length, you get the picture. Makeup can also to tend to become messy when eye shadows crack or lipsticks break. Putting on makeup should be a pleasurable experience and hoarding loads of products that become untidy and grimy can turn it into a stressful one. We have listed 6 practical ways to get your makeup collection in order and organised. 

1. Modern jars & containers 

Modernise your makeup collection by making use of stylish containers like the rose gold jars or gold rimmed glass containers below. 

TIP: Get rid of expired or unused makeup. Check expiry dates and be honest about what you will and wont use in the future - even if it was expensive. 

makeup jars rose gold
glass makeup containers

2. Acrylic Drawers 

Acrylic drawers are great way to be able to see your entire beauty collection. They also make your collection easily accessible. Shop our acrylic drawers by clicking on the first picture. 

TIP: Regularly wipe down your beauty products to keep them clean and tidy. Get rid of cracked powders that you can't salvage. 

acrylic makeup drawer
acrylic makeup drawer

3. Stylish Trays

Showcase your prized products within a stylish tray. Keep perfumes, creams and brushes on display for easy accessibility and a bit of glamour. 

make up and perfume tray
make up and perfume tray
make up and perfume tray

4. Ice Trays

If you have a large collection of eyeshadows and small cream cases then a cheap and cheerful way to organise is to put them into ice trays. The segmented dividers are the ideal size for small eye shadows. 

TIP: Organise your makeup collection into categories - brushes, eye shadows, concealers, foundations, primers, mascaras, pencils. 

make up trays

5. Repurpose your candle jars 

Jo Malone makes amazing candles but the glass jars are also great for storing brushes and pencils. 

TIP: Declutter all of your old or unused eye shadow, bronzer and blusher brushes. 

6. Makeup Bag 

If you need to have your makeup on the go then a good way to store your makeup is in a zip-up makeup bag. The makeup bag below has specific compartments for brushes and a side pouch for everything else. Simple yet practical.