9 Essential Storage Solutions For A Tidy Closet

If the thought of getting dressed every morning makes you slightly anxious and uneasy then maybe its time to effectively organise your cupboard. Creating a clear and tidy space for your clothing, accessories and shoes creates calm and order and means one less thing to worry about in the morning. Key to a great closet space is easy accessibility and being able to see everything as you open the doors. We have listed 9 simple yet effective and practical storage products that you need to make an ideal cupboard sanctuary. 

1. Over The Door Hooks Or Hanging Hooks 

A great way to effectively use vertical space is to incorporate wall or over the door hooks within your closet area. These hooks are great for hanging scarves, hats and bags and are also an alternative storage solution for clothing that has been worn once but can be worn again. Another hanging solution are S-shape hooks which can be hung on a clothing rail or rod. These are perfect for hanging belts and bags. 

S shape hooks for belts
closet with clothing and storage products

2. Versatile Metal Scarf Bars

Short metal bars are a simple and smart way to make use of closet doors for storage. They are perfect for bulky scarves and thin belts. You can also use S-hooks to hang shoes on the bars like the closet below. 

scarf bar storage

3. Light Weight Hangers

Clothing rails can quickly become overloaded and crowded with too many garments. Utilise super slim and ultra light hangers in order to be able to fit more clothing together without weighing down on the rail. Shop our quality hanger ranges by clicking on the picture below. 

4. Clear Drawers 

An important characteristic of a great closet is being able to see where everything is stored and organised. Our acrylic drawers are the ideal drawer storage solution because they are crystal clear, which enables you to view all contents, and stackable, which means you can categorise and sort items into various drawers to create a collection. Shop our acrylic storage products by clicking on the image below. 

5. Accessible Storage Boxes

An easy way to create space in your wardrobe is to pack away seasonal items. Our peak-through linen fabric storage boxes are excellent for storing away seasonal garments like bulky jerseys or heavy jackets. They come complete with a clear window that allows you to view what you have packed into each box. Shop our beautiful storage boxes by clicking on the picture below.   

6. Stackable Shoe Boxes

Put your prized shoe collection on display with stackable shoe boxes. Our acrylic shoe boxes will ensure that all your shoes are showcased and no pair will be neglected in a dark, cruddy shoe box again. Click on the image below to shop our acrylic shoe boxes. 


7. Clever Drawer Organisers

Contain your socks, underwear, bras and ties with our versatile drawer organisers. They keep all your accessories ordered and organised for easy accessibility. Shop now by clicking on the picture below. 


8. Peg Board 

Peg boards are a great way to hang or store accessories like hats, bags, sunglasses and belts. They are modern, versatile and make all accessories look stylish. 

peg board

9. Double Cupboard Rail

Optimise your closet or cupboard space by using two clothing rails, one above and one below. This will enable you to hang double the amount of clothing and means less folding. Keep in mind the height placement for each rail by considering the types of clothing you would like to hang. Long jackets and dresses need more space whilst pants and t-shirts don't need as much vertical space. 

beautiful closet storage space
beautiful closet storage space