How to Create A Work Space That Increases Productivity

For many of us, a majority of our time is spent behind a screen at a desk. Even within this small, limited space specifically designated to work and getting the job done, we still tend to be distracted by a variety of things that can cause us to loose focus. We have compiled 10 various ways to create a work space that boosts your morale and aids your productivity in order to smash those looming deadlines.  

1.  Incorporate greenery

Nature in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity and happiness. Bring nature indoors with a low-maintenance pot plant or bright bunch of colours. The act of nurturing and looking after your plants can uplift your mood. 

desk with plants and flowers

2. Create an organised paper tray in and out flow 

There is nothing worse then a messy work desk piled with messy papers coupled with countless wasted hours looking for misplaced documents. Having everything packed away in its correct place will give you more time to focus on work and less time will be spent running around like a headless chicken. A great way to combat document disorganisation is to use paper trays. Regularly sorting these trays is also recommended. 

3. Invest in a comfortable chair 

It is worth spending extra on a chair that is comfortable,  provides good back support and has suitable armrests - your body will be thanking you for this investment for years to come. There is also the trend toward standing desks as sitting for too many hours a day can become harmful to your health. 

study or work desk with chair

4. Utilise practical stationary & holders 

Pens, papers, printer ink, paper clips, post-its - despite the rise of the digital age we still rely heavily on desktop accessories and stationary for our everyday work use. Make sure they are organised and tidy on your desk with our desktop organiser and magnetic pen holder. Click on images to shop. 


5. Don't let your cables run wild with a cable holder 

Keep your cables organised and under control with nifty cable holders that keep every cable in tact even when not in use. 

cable holder wooden

6. Rely on a mood board for inspiration 

Keep your creative juices flowing with a inspirational mood board that keeps you motivated and productive. A mood board is a great outlet for refreshing your thoughts when you're hitting a block and don't feel like you can do any more work. 

mood board inspiration

7. Keep on top of meetings and events with a desk calendar

Mark important occasions, meetings and events with a desk calendar that allows you to see your entire schedule for the month.

desk with calendar

8. Ensure your to do list is visible and up to date 

Creating a prioritised to-do list is essential for reaching certain goals and completing tasks on deadline. Having a to-do list that you adjust and can see often will keep you focused and aligned to your objectives for the day. 

9. Make use of storage products for documents and accessories 

Papers can accumulate before you know it and become disorganised piles lying randomly on your desk, collecting dust, creating clutter and taking up space. Declutter and organiser with ample storage boxes like our drawer organiser or document boxes.  Click on images to shop. 


10. Make sure there is ample lighting

Research has shown that our moods can be impacted by light. Ensure that you have adequate lighting around your work area in order to feel more alert and awake.  

desk with lighting