S.T.A.R.T - A Simple Way To Declutter

Change your life and learn to declutter and organise in a few simple steps. Now you can lighten your life and create spaces that provide happiness and meaning in the things you collect around you. Just a small commitment to tidying up releases new energy and starts a discipline that leads to mindful living and storing.

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The area identified as the most liberating to declutter first is the bedroom and where better to start than that overfull wardrobe. We open our cupboards multiple times a day running the risk each time that we may get buried in the avalanche of clothing that threatens to landslide on the floor in front of us… That’s assuming we have been able to close the doors to begin with.

We have developed a non-threatening approach to the concept of creating a tidy space. It is a simple action mantra. Just S.T.A.R.T. Five simple steps that provide the structures you will need to change the way you stock, store and stack your stuff.

S – Simply start by boxing, bagging and separating out your winter clothes from your summer clothes. If you have a four season wardrobe winter is upon us and this is the season on which to concentrate. We have even less space in our cupboards due to heavy and bulky garments like jackets, jerseys and pants. One way to effectively use your wardrobe space is to use tiered pants hangers that allow you to hang four pairs of pants in a space usually occupied by one.

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T – Try to establish what clothes are actually your favourites and what you are wearing most often because it is the easiest and most convenient to grab. Bear in mind the 80/20 rule that states you wear 20% of what you have, 80% of the time. An easy way to discover what you wear most often is to turn all of your hangers backwards and as you wear each item, place the hanger back the right way. After a month you will know what your 20% is. Your 80% is a good place to start when it comes down to decluttering your closet.

A – Always look to hang garments on the right hangers and the best quality you can afford. We believe that investing in the right hangers is as important as choosing the right clothes. Your hanger collection should be lightweight and slim in order to hang more items in your cupboard. They should also be sturdy and designed to maintain, preserve and protect your clothing whilst being stored effectively. The Shipshape Hanger Range checks all of these crucial boxes.


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R – Right sizing and ordering create a co-ordinated cupboard. This helps you select the items in your wardrobe that fit seasonal trends allowing you to update without the added expense of having to buy new. Categorize your wardrobe by keeping dresses, shirts and pants together. Once you have decided on your closet categories then sort each grouping from lightest to darkest in colour and if you need an added tidy element sort from longest to shortest in each colour way. This will guarantee a neat, uniform and tidy cupboard space.

T – Take your favourite shoes and accessories and showcase them. When our shoes or accessories are hidden in dark, closed boxes, or stuffed in draws we tend to forget about them. Out of sight is out of mind. Exactly in the same way as you sort your clothes into seasons do the same with your shoes, scarves, jewellery and accessories. Showcase your collections with Le-Lapa’s crystal clear acrylic boxes that can be easily stacked as they have drop front and drawer functionality for easy accessibility.

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