The Minimalistic Look Will Require Minimum Effort After You've Seen Our Moodboard

Nothing is ever black or white or so they say. This is our first article in the trending series and we think that monochrome is a combination that will never go out of style. The contrasting colours together are sleek, modern and make a elegant statement. 

1. Kai pod chair - Weylandts

2. Cuban tufted bed - Weylandts 

3. Striped bedside table - Weylandts

4. Prim pillow - Crate & Barrel

5. Retro rope chair - Weylandts

6. Moonassi artwork - Daehyun Kim

7. Pebble vase - Crate & Barrel

8. Icelandic sheepskin throw - Weylandts

9. Black & white trestle table - Lim

10. Fiela standing light - Haldane Martin