Get Inspired By Nature With Our Gallery Of Indoor Plant Ideas

Adding houseplants to your home is not just aesthetically pleasing, they are beneficial for your health also. Plants are natural air purifiers in that they release oxygen and absorb air toxins. Indoor plants do not have to be high maintenance, with a little love and care, you can easily enjoy the benefits of having an indoor plant. There are a variety of low-maintenance plants that can be used throughout the home. 

Indoor Plant Mood Board 

1. Wheat grass indoor plant available from Woolworths

2. Succulent in cement pot – Woolworths

3. Agave in two-tone pot – Woolworths

4. Olive tree in terracotta pot – Woolworths

5. Aloe in rose gold pot from Woolworths

6. Daisy bush potted plant – Mr Price Home

7. Vanda orchid in tube – Woolworths

8. Lavender in a square pot – Mr Price Home

9. Succulent in terracotta pot – Woolworths

10. Micro orchid – Woolworths

11. Aloe in concrete pot – Woolworths

12. Assorted mini succulents – Mr Price Home 

13. Aloe in cement pot - @home