15 Essentials For A Long-Haul Flight

Here is our list of necessities to keep you entertained and comfortable during a long-haul flight. 

1.       Back pack

First and foremost, it is good to have a decent sized backpack or bag to take on the plane with you. This should also be suited to the type of trip you are taking. A good sized bag should be able to hold all your essentials easily. A few pockets is advantageous as this allows you to categorise your belongings by pocket.

2.       Kindle or tablet

A Kindle is a great alternative to a book as books demand too much carry space and actually end up being dead weight for the rest of your trip. This may only appeal to people who like to read but bear in mind that you can also download a newspaper or magazine onto a Kindle.  An tablet is great for both reading and games. If you’ve downloaded a specific movie/series for the flight then an iPad is a great way to keep you entertained.

3.       Phone

Some planes are equipped with their own Wi-Fi network that allows you to access your emails and the internet. When the flight isn’t network enabled and my phone is on aeroplane mode, I like to upload a playlist to my phone and listen to music.

4.       Battery pack

A battery pack can be used to keep all your gadgets charged and ensures that they don’t run flat throughout the duration of the flight. Ensure that your battery pack is charged before boarding.

5.       Neck pillow

A comfortable neck pillow is a definite must for a good night/days rest on a long haul flight. Sleeping in an upright position is not an easy task but a decent neck pillow makes the journey a little bit more comfy. There are a variety of different neck pillows to suit your needs from memory foam to simple foam.

6.       Headphones

I like taking my own headphones on board as I find they are much better quality than the ones that are given by the carrier. Noise cancelling earphones are great for keeping the engine noise out and also blocking out heavy snorers and crying babies.

7.       Chewing gum

If you don’t get a chance to brush your teeth on the plane then chewing gum is a good second option. Chewing gum, especially the strong mint or menthol flavours, is a great way to get rid of morning breath. This ensures that your breath smells minty fresh after a ten hour flight.

8.        Snacks

I often find that I get peckish between meals so I like to take some snacks on-board. I’ll usually take a packet of chips and snack bar with me.

9.       Sudoku pocket book

Sudoku is a good way to challenge and stimulate your mind and keep you occupied. You can either get the pocket Sudoku or alternatively there are number of free app’s for download on your phone. 

10.   Socks

It always seems to get a bit chillier during the flight. The blankets the carrier gives your are great for body heat but not so much for my toes. My feet freeze unless I take a pair of thick socks. Happy feet means happy sleep.

11.   Pen

You will need a pen to fill out the immigration forms given on the flight if you are entering a new country.

12.   Headache pills

There have been times when I haven’t had a good rest on the flight and arrive at my destination feeling groggy and exhausted. In order to try curb my grogginess, I’ll take a headache pill so that at least I feel a bit more human on arrival.  

13.   Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is great for cleaning and ensuring your hands are free from germs. There are thousands of germs lurking on the tray tables, duty-free catalogues and blankets.

14.   Lip moisturiser

Lip Ice goes with me everywhere. Full stop.

15.   Face moisturiser

My skin often feels tight and dry from the recirculated air in the cabin.  A smack of moisturiser on my face makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenates my skin.