Embrace The Blues And Transform Your Home With These Elegant Blue Hues

The classic tones of dark blue can make any room seem sophisticated and elegant. Touches of blue decor and furniture contrasted against white or creme walls will keep the room light, without being too somber. Blue can also be incorporated with other warm colours, such as an orange or pink. You could also consider a wallpaper with detailed blue patterns such as the one below from Hertex. 

Blue Mood Board 

1. Ashford tropics collection available from Hertex 

2. Franca headboard from Block & Chisel

3. Blue and white bottle with crosses - Weylandts

4. Giada lounger from comfort creations

5. Hand Knotted Jute Rug from Sutherlands 

6. Joey Knit single blanket - Country Road

7. Navy hour glass from CB2

8. Tweedle eyelet curtain from Mr Price

9. Herman, 3 seater navy sofa designed by Christian Rudolph from the Sofa Company 

Blue Gallery