All The Inspiration You Need To Decorate With Grey Tones

Decorating with grey tones adds a modern and sophisticated feel to any room. Grey colours don't have to be dull if you strike the right balance between dark and light. We were inspired by the versatility of grey and have compiled a mood board of our favourite grey pieces, a gallery of room ideas plus a Plascon paint palette. 

Grey Mood Board 

  1. Momo Couch from Weylandts  

  2. Pebbled textured ottoman - @home

  3. Dexter wooden lamp - Woolworths 

  4. Elton armchair - Sofa Company

  5. Gem side table -  Crema Design

  6. Rib knit scatter cushion - Woolworths 

  7. Sempre stool - Weylandts 

  8. Fleece throw - Woolworths 

  9. Kona armchair - Weylandts 

  10. Scandinavian 6 seater dining table - MrPrice Home

  11. Bar stool - Robert Thomson

  12. Sandcasted stool - Weylandts  

  13. Retro grey shelf - MrPrice Home

Grey is versatile and can range from dark charcoal grey to light cloud grey. There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating with grey. 

Plascon Colour Palette 

Grey Room Ideas