15 Amazing Countries You Can Travel To On A Whim With A South African Passport

As a South Africa citizen, it is often quite challenging to travel with a South African passport, AKA The Green Mumba. Most European countries, America and China require a visa for people holding South African passports. Applying for a visa is not an easy process that is often tedious, time-consuming and expensive. Before you even think of applying for a visa, you need to have your accommodation paid for and flight tickets booked. if this is not laborious enough, if you're applying for an American visa, you will need to book for an interview at the embassy. Having to apply for a visa takes all the spontaneity out of your trip. However there are numerous countries that don't require visas and that you can visit on a whim. Here are 15 countries that don't require a visa for spontaneous South Africans. 

1.       Visit the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru

2.       Watch in wonder at swimming pigs on Pig Beach in the Bahamas

Source:  Dailymail

Source: Dailymail

3.       Shop up a storm in Hong Kong

Source:  Yahoo

Source: Yahoo

4.       Summit Corcovado Mountain and take a photo of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Source:  Global Britannica  

5.       Watch the Grand Prix in Singapore

6.       Admire the Iguazu falls in Argentina

7.       Catch a tan on Ko Lipe beach, Thailand

Source:  Sawan Resort  

Source: Sawan Resort 

8.       Tour the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel

Source:  4degrees

Source: 4degrees

9.       Walk the tropical trails of Taveuni Island, Fiji

10.   Sleep under the stars in Sossusvlei amid the Namib dessert, Namibia

Source:  Stayadventurous

11.   Swim on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia

Source:  Nomad Tours  

Source: Nomad Tours 

12.   Appreciate nature in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Source: www.planetden.com

Source: www.planetden.com

13.   Explore the idyllic Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

Source:  Go2africa

Source: Go2africa

14.   Get close to Gorillas in Rwanda

Source:  Dailymail

Source: Dailymail

15.   Go diving on Maafushi Island, Maldives